About Us

About Us

Let me set the scene. It’s the fall of 2001. John is a gawky and awkward college sophomore. Courtney is young, naïve, and never seen a fashion trend she didn’t partake in. They meet at church. He’s enamored by her purple lipstick and spikey hair. She sees him as fun, and a little goofy. They naturally marry within year.

Over the next 15 years they build their family through transracial adoption. They build separate businesses. Now they work together as the CEO (her) and COO (him) of Cents of Style, a multi-million dollar women’s fashion brand.

They have a non-traditional business, a non-traditional family, and a non-traditional marriage dynamic. They are passionate about exploring how different perspectives can create a beautiful life.

Courtney is a lover of pop culture, nacho cheese and teenage television dramas. John can be found running in the mountains, tending to his heirloom tomatoes or cooking up a vegan meal. These would-be opposites are paving their own purposeful path to a bold and full life.

They both can be found working at Cents of Style, working on empowering women to lead bold and full lives.

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